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Interior Waterproofing

August 22, 2021 admin No Comments

Depending on the cause of your water and leakage issues, interior waterproofing may be the solution for your property. Hydro-static pressure or lack of access due to confined exterior spaces could mean that exterior waterproofing solutions may not be possible. If your basement or crawl space is an unfinished living area, interior waterproofing might be […]

Exterior Waterproofing

August 20, 2021 admin No Comments

Exterior waterproofing consists of many elements working together to keep your Toronto area home dry and free of leaks. Waterproofing should not be confused with damp-proofing. Many older homes were constructed with damp-proofing, but are not necessarily waterproofed. Damp-proofing consists of a thin tar-like substance that is rolled on like paint. This application does not […]

Basement Lowering

August 19, 2021 admin No Comments

With the cost of housing increasing each year in Toronto and the GTA area, buyers are always looking for the most value for their money. Smart homeowners recognize that they can add house value through bathroom and kitchen remodeling, basement waterproofing or increasing square footage with basement lowering. Utilitarian basements are no longer sufficient for […]